Made for the GGames Jam.

In this hostile world, the only chance for you to survive... Is to start a revolution !

Switch places between a luxurious forest and an arid desert to better suit your needs and to vanquish your foes ! And use the arsenal of weapons at your disposal to do so.

Made by:

  • Pierre Ruth - Developper
  • Thomas De Queiros - Developper & some art
  • Nicolas Delaunay - Music

The game is in azerty , you can change this by pressing space in the main menu.

The bindings for Xbox controllers are :

  • Left stick to move
  • Right stick to aim
  • Right trigger to fire
  • Left bumper to switch worlds
  • Right bumper to switch weapons


Flip Over - Mac 26 MB
Flip Over - Windows 23 MB

Development log


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3 people : ruth_p, delaun_n , Thomas Want