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Your aunt Geraldine just died. It's sad, she was always so kind to you. But she left you a parting gift : a whole seaside resort. It has everything : a manor, a nice little cafe, a beach.

But there's something that doesn't seem right... The people here seem to hide a lot more secrets that they should, and some of them are just acting strange. What could they be hiding, and what is up with all these strange stones that you keep finding ?

The Story :

Your name is Ed Eeble, and you just inherited a resort from your aunt, Geraldine. You start with a quick tour of the mansion by Polly, the lifelong butler/maid of the family, she was always faithful to your aunt, but doesn't seem to have the same feelings for you.

The Characters :

Ed Eeble : The main protagonist, and the guy you control, he wants to uncover the secrets of this resort.

Geraldine Eeble : Ed's aunt. She passed away shortly before the events of the game.

Polly : The butler/maid of the Eeble family, she is saddened by the death of Geraldine and doesn't seem to like Ed.

Bob : The resort's most famous policeman, well, one of the only, but still...

Karl O'City : Owner of the resort's cafe and a dear friend of Ed's aunt, he has an undying love for oat cakes.

George : One of the resort's tourists, the owner of a profitable business, he loves to play bridge but lacks of partners.

The Fisherman : A strange guy, no one knows exactly what he does, but it has to do with fishes at least.

Controls :

  • "e" to open the inventory
  • "esc" to open the menu / exit the conversation
  • "left click" to skip a line of dialog

The team :

  • Developers
    • Pierre Ruth - Lead Developer
    • Cyril Olivier - Developer
  • Artists
    • Jakub Bońdos - Graphics
    • Janka Sobota - Graphics

Music from :

  • Bensound - Ofeliasdream
  • Gunnar Johnsén - Dangerous Journey
  • Martin Klem - Kaleidoscope No 1
  • Vusal Zeinalov - Kingdom of Baghk

This project was developed for the Game Development class of CSU Monterey Bay.

Install instructions

  • Unzip the files in the Inheritance.zip folder
  • Launch the Inheritance.exe
  • Enjoy the game


Inheritance.zip 46 MB
Inheritance_Mac.zip 48 MB

Development log


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And it's done! I hope we'll get to solve its mysteries. :)

I played quite a bit and I found a bug. Once in the cave, the buttons in the lower part can't be clicked (so you need to Esc to exit). Also, that gaze linking puzzle... I don't get it. :)


Thanks for the heads up on this bug, it has been fixed.

As for the gaze linking puzzle, start with the portrait at the top-center, and aim for the eyes :)

(1 edit)

Tried for 20 more minutes.. nothing. I did get to finish the demo though. :)

LE: New day, new try... finally got it. I'll make a video soon.